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Mike Cameron Likely Won't Return In 2010 Season

Mike Cameron, on the disabled list for a second time in 2010 (retroactive to July 31), said on Tuesday that he probably won't return in 2010. "Me trying to play 65 percent is probably not beneficial to the ballclub at moment."

Cameron has played in just 48 of Boston's 120 games this season, sidelined with an abdominal tear and related pain. He said that there will be a discussion on Wednesday with Theo Epstein and Cameron's agent to figure out a timetable for surgery. The outfielder feels that he would do more harm than good if he tried to play at anything less than 100 percent.

“We’re coming to the part of season now where it’s important to have the healthiest guys on the baseball field. I’m looking at that aspect. Sometimes, as hard as it’s been to give in to certain things, it’s probably best to start looking at other options now.’’

Rookie Ryan Kalish will get most of the playing time, said Terry Francona.

For now, Cameron is forced to look ahead to 2011. “Yeah,’’ he said with a smile, “although a lot of people don’t like it, I've still got one more year here, you know.’’