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Boston Red Sox Sign Anthony Ranaudo To $2.55 Million Deal

Sean McAdam of reports on Twitter that the Boston Red Sox have come to an agreement with pitcher Anthony Ranaudo.

McAdam tweeted, "RedSox sign RHP Anthony Ranaudo for $2.55 million."

The signing means Boston has come to an agreement with their top six picks in this year’s draft.  

Ben Buchanan of SB Nation’s Over The Monster writes that the signings represent a big day for Red Sox Nation.

They came, they drafted, they paid out the nose.

But it looks like the Red Sox will get their money's worth.

With the signing of Anthony Ranaudo, the Red Sox finished a hard day's work, ending with a ton of new talent wearing Red Sox uniforms. Ranaudo, one of the top talents in the draft, leads the pack, but Garin Cecchini (a middle infielder with at least above average everything) is not far behind. And it's impossible to forget all the other guys picked up today. They even managed to slip Chris Hernandez in under the radar.

For everything Red Sox, head over to Over The Monster.