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Red Sox Reportedly Sign Fourth-Round Pick Garin Cecchini

Garin Cecchini, the shortstop from Louisiana that the Red Sox selected with the No. 143 overall pick (fourth round), has reportedly reached an agreement with Boston according to Yahoo! Sports' Kendall Rogers, who adds that the Red Sox are "cleaning up right now."

It was reported earlier on Monday that the team was close with Cecchini.

Despite his high bonus demands -- anywhere from $1.35 to $1.75 million -- he was likely a priority for Boston, as the highest drafted player who the Sox would not receive a compensation pick for next year if they failed to sign him.

Assuming all deals are official, the Red Sox have now locked up five of their top-six draft picks. The lone exception is LSU pitcher Antony Ranaudo, the No. 39 overall selection.