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Aaron Schobel Announces Retirement, 'I Want To Be Done With It'

Aaron Schobel won't be signing with the Texans. Nor the Patriots. Instead, the free agent defensive end has decided to retire, according to the Houston Chronicle's John McLain.

In a series of tweets early Monday afternoon, McLain details Schobel's decision, saying the veteran was "tired of dieting to weigh in the 240s when he's playing and wants to eat and weigh 270."

Reports last week had Schobel, a Texas native and former TCU player, as interested in the Texans, so he could play close to home, with head coach Gary Kubiak confirming he had talked to the free agent. But Schobel, who turns 33 soon, has apparently had enough, saying he's "done with it."

"Obviously, it would have been a great place to play, but at point of my career, I'm not going to sit here and tell you how I would have performed," Schobel told the Houston Chronicle when he was asked about posisbly playing in Houston. "I'm not saying I could or couldn't have played at my best, but I'm just not 100 percent sure.

"I want to be done with it. I'm going to leave it as is. I wasn't sure if I wanted to play, anyway. I'm going to be 33 in two weeks, and I'm leaving the game on my terms and nobody else's. I'm just going to leave it alone and retire."

The Bills cut Schobel earlier this month when he did not show up to training camp. There had been reports that the Patriots were interested in the pass-rushing specialist.