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Derrick Burgess Sat Out With 'Personal Reasons'

When Patriots' training camp started, and Derrick Burgess was a no-show (forcing the team to place him on the Did Not Report list), early reports were that the linebacker was considering retirement. That wasn't the case though, says Burgess, who showed up over the weekend and was reinstated by New England. He says he was at home, dealing with a "personal situation."

"I just had a personal situation going on," Burgess answered. "I had to take time to take care of, and me and Bill (Belichick talked) about it, and he just told me to take my time and get my stuff together."

Burgess, entering his second season with the Patriots, did not elaborate past that, only adding, "I'm happy to be here. I'm glad they allowed me to come back after taking care of my personal business."