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Shaq On Luke Harangody: 'Who Is That?'

Somewhat lost in Tuesday's introductory press conference with Shaquille O'Neal was the big man having no idea who Luke Harangody was. I say "somewhat lost" because a fine soul (commenter Section328) over at Red's Army caught The Big Shamrock's barely audible wonderment and transcribed it:

[Celtics' Employee]: Also, Luke Harongody is here today, and also signed today...
Shaq: [turning to Doc] Who is that?
Doc: Rookie from Notre Dame.
Shaq: Guard or big man?
Doc: Big man.
Shaq: Big man. Oh.

Harangody, of course, was the Celtics second round pick in this year's draft, and yesterday the team was announcing he'd signed a two-year deal. Fortunately for Shaq, Dan Davine at Ball Don't Lie has a few other pertinent facts about Harangody, after the jump.

1. Harangody has a remarkably consistent face.
2. Based on the unerring calculations of the supercomputer at, Harangody is roughly 0.86 Shaqs.
3. The incomparable and buoyant Mark "Ca$h Money" Deeks of loves Harangody and has nicknamed him "Skillz Train," presumably because of his skillful combination of rebounding, post game and locomotion.

That's only half of the Luke Harangody Fun Facts and Noteworthy Notes, though. Be sure to head over to Ball Don't Lie for the full profile.