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Ainge Looking For One More Piece For Celtics

Danny Ainge believes that "one more piece is possible" for the 2010-2011 Boston Celtics.

"I like the pieces we have at this stage and would be happy going into training camp with this team. It is possible though we could add another player, most likely for the veteran’s minimum. Possibly a trade, but the most likely scenario is for the veteran’s minimum."

With much of the roster already in place, CelticsBlog speculates that the final piece will likely fit into a third wing player to reinforce Marquise Daniels.

Perhaps the most intriguing option remains Rudy Fernandez, who Portland hasn’t been able to deal as of yet. With the Celtics needing a replacement for Tony Allen to spell Ray Allen and Paul Pierce, Fernandez seems the talent most likely to have a significant impact. The guard would also come with a significant price, however, unlike the other options.

For more options and more in depth analysis of Rudy Fernandez, visit CelticsBlog.