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The Big Shamrock Is Formally Introduced

At the Big Shamrock's press conference Tuesday in Waltham, Shaquille O'Neal said all the right things in regards to joining Boston.

In his introductory statement, Doc Rivers made it clear he thinks Shaq has a role on his team. He also discussed the goal for the upcoming season.

We're looking at Shaq as another piece to the puzzle. We are trying to put together a puzzle together to make another title run.

When the Big Shamrock spoke he made his point of what continues to drive him to play. He also talked about the type of team he was looking to finish his career with.

"I still have hunger, I still can play, I still want to win," O'Neal said. "When I close my book at the end of the day it's all about winning, nothing else."

"This summer I had many options but I wanted to be with a team that was used to winning, with a team that was one or two pieces away. I think it's a good fit."