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Rasheed Wallace Still Plans To Retire, Delaying Announcement To Help Celtics

The holiday weekend brought us a report that there was a "possibility" that Rasheed Wallace would decide not to retire this offseason. However, as it turns out, apparently Wallace is simply waiting to officially file his retirement papers to help out the Celtics, this according to Chris Tomasson of FanHouse.

"He's trying to help us out by waiting, which is good,'' Rivers said of Wallace, due to make $6.32 million next season and $6.79 million in 2011-12. "He's still our property so we can use that in a trade or something. He's doing a great thing for us.''

Rivers added that the chances 'Sheed plays again are "very little or none."

Boston general manager Danny Ainge, joining Rivers and the Celtics at the AirTran Airways Pro Summer League, said that "as far as I know'' Wallace will retire. He also spoke of Wallace holding off to help the Celtics, saying, "We're hoping that will happen. A piece (for the team to use in a possible deal).''