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Patriots Training Camp: Tom Brady Addresses Media, Wants To Finish Career With Patriots

On the second day, Brady spoke.

Indeed, after Friday's morning practice, Tom Brady took time to answer questions from the media, including an update on his contract, saying, "I just really enjoy playing quarterback for this team. I have since the day I stepped on the field." But like a true Patriot, he didn't offer much in the way of actual news or insight. "Coach doesn't like us talking about it a whole lot, so I kind of stick to that." 

Brady added:

"Yeah, I think everyone [looks at] ‘spoiled athletes' and guys that are bitching about making millions of dollars. Everyone works hard to make a living for themselves. I certainly don't think we have much to gripe about. We come out, we love what we do - most of us. I just enjoy coming out and playing. That's where I get a lot of enjoyment in my life and I want to do it for a long time."

Prompted by questions from ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss about his contract status, Brady said that he wants to finish his career a Patriot, and commented on the idea that he's upset about this whole process:

"My personal feelings are my personal feelings, and certainly I don't want to express them with anybody other than very few people. It doesn't do any good. It really doesn't. It doesn't help this team. It doesn't help the organization. Really, it gets in the way to me. And everybody's situation is different. I can only comment on my situation. Everybody has a different situation, a different approach. They have to do what works for them. There are a lot of guys who are restricted free agents based on the [collective bargaining agreement] this year. It's just very different for different guys. I have to do what's comfortable for me. I've always tried to do that."