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Report: Rudy Fernandez Trade Isn't Imminent

As we noted earlier, the Boston Celtics are in the running for Portland guard Rudy Fernandez. Blazers beat writer Brian T. Smith tweets that “nothing is imminent.”

No “substantial” new info regarding Fernandez and Blazers during last week. “Nothing has changed,” source close to Fernandez says.

Does Fernandez want to be moved? Yes. Are Blazers exploring options? Yes. But there has not been an “ultimatum” delivered, sources say.

Blazers and Fernandez are closer and more on same page than they are apart. Source close to Fernandez describes situation as “symbiotic.”

It’s evident the relationship is not working and it’s time for a “divorce,” source says. However, dialogue is open and nothing has changed.

Blazers are exploring trade options for Fernandez. But this has been going on for more than a month, and nothing is imminent.

Blazers are open to trading Fernandez, but they are still in the driver’s seat and do not feel pressured to make a trade.

Moreover, there’s no guarantee Fernandez will soon be moved. Blazers could hold on to him and use him in a package deal.

Jason Quick, the writer who originally said Fernandez was being actively shopped, has backed off slightly.

Rudy trade talks likely on back burner until Sunday. GM Cho tells agent Andy Miller he will meet w/coach McMillan in Vegas on Sun to discuss