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CelticsBlog Exclusive: Celtics In 'Lead Position' To Land Rudy Fernandez

Tom Halzak of SB Nation’s CelticsBlog has learned exclusively that the Boston Celtics are in the “lead position” to acquire disgruntled shooting guard Rudy Fernandez from the Portland Trail Blazers. Fernandez is a career 38.7% three-point shooter and, during the 2008/09 season, set a record for treys by a rookie with 159.

Halzack’s report also says the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks are potential destinations for Fernandez, who has grown unhappy in Portland. It also includes some detailed notes about Fernandez’s game from Jason Quick, who covers the Blazers for The Oregonian. An excerpt from those notes:

Rudy Fernandez is best known for being a three point shooter (obviously). He set the rookie record for 3 pointers made. But Jason feels he is a very good and currently under rated passer. His basketball…(let’s all say it together)…IQ…is quite high.

Rudy sees the court well and will, at times, go for the between the legs (or the other players legs) pass. His teammates have to be alert for passes at any time as Rudy loves to pass and plays a very unselfish game when he gets the ball.

Fernandez feels that he is more than a one dimensional player and just wants the chance to prove it.

Time will tell if he’ll get the chance to do that in Boston.