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Adam Schefter On Brady's Deal: 'Possible In The Next Few Weeks'

A day after originally reporting that contract talks between Tom Brady and the Patriots were "positive," ESPN's Adam Schefter appeared on WEEI's Dennis and Callahan show and reiterated that he expects an extension to get done, possibly within the next few weeks, and maybe even before Peyton Manning's deal is completed with the Colts.

Well, I think [Brady] is furthest down the road right now. That doesn't mean that he'll be the first to get done but I would tell you it would be Brady and Manning or Manning and Brady. My guess right now, on the basis of everything I've heard this week, would be Brady first, Manning second ... On the basis of everything I've heard this weekend, it sounds like the Patriots and Tom Brady are furthest along at this point in time ...

Were if not for the looming CBA issues, I really believe it would be done right now, the deal. When you're talking about a huge contract, and you're talking about the type of numbers that Brady's going to make in a year and you don't know what the salary cap is going to be, it's not an easy thing to configure. And I think that right now is probably the big hangup.

Schefter added that the talks between the two sides have been "very cordial," and that at this point it's just a matter of "getting it done."