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Jed Lowrie Is The Red Sox's Latest Feel-Good Story

Boston Red Sox infielder Jed Lowrie is set to be activated on Wednesday (or before the Sox open a series with the Mariners). He's battled mono since March and pretty much disappeared.

No, seriously. No one heard anything about him for months and months and months.

And now he's back. This is a pretty good story, if you ask me.

Let me point out the fact I have never been a Lowrie fan. Well, that's not necessarily true. When Lowrie was coming up through the system -- and even when he was at Stanford -- I liked Lowrie. He showed some promise. And then he got hurt.

And hurt again.

And hurt again.

I was sick of waiting for this up-and-comer that kept stubbing his toe and landing on the disabled list. He'd be with the Red Sox for eight games, then get hurt and miss 80 games. Note to players: this is not how you win over a fanbase.

But now Lowrie is back and I'm actually excited to see his face. I'm excited to hear what kind of ovation he'll get when his name is introduced because he will get some kind of ovation. There's no way he doesn't after being on milk cartons all over New England.

One tip for Mr. Lowrie, though: Do. Not. Get. Hurt. Again. Stay healthy. Play out the season. Fill in for Dustin Pedroia and wherever else the Red Sox need you. I don't care what you have to do to stay healthy, just do it.

Because I can promise you this: if you do get hurt and find yourself on the disabled list, you will not be getting an ovation the next time you come back. And you won't matter enough then to even be put on a milk carton.