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Anthony Ranaudo Looking For A Big Bonus

According to the Cape Cod Times, David Grewe, associate head coach of the LSU Tigers, says Red Sox supplemental pick Anthony Ranaudo will return to LSU unless he receives a signing bonus in line with a top-10 pick.

If Anthony’s not treated and viewed as one of the top 10 picks in the draft by the Boston Red Sox, in terms of their financial commitment, then Anthony wants to come back to LSU and prove that he can be that guy.

If this is true, the Red Sox can expect to shell out at least two million dollars if they want to sign Ranaudo.

The big righty struggled in his last season after an early arm injury, but is looking to rebuild his value to where it initially was with a strong showing in the Cape Cod League. Whether or not the Red Sox are willing to make that investment will likely come down to his performance there.