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Pedroia Sheds Crutches, Puts On Boot

Dustin Pedroia had a CT scan on Friday but his timetable for return is unknown:

Francona said that Pedroia's test showed "a lot of healing," and the second basemen has been allowed to shed his crutches and begin putting weight on the broken left foot. Pedroia is still in a walking boot, and probably will be for the next 1-2 weeks, but he will be able to resume several activities that were hampered by the crutches.

"He can do a lot with the boot, but he’s got to put the boot on," Francona said. "He can hit. He can do anything he can do."

According to Francona, Pedroia will be evaluated again in about two weeks, and although Francona said he didn't think it would be "productive" to put an exact timetable on Pedroia's return, he did stress that it was important for Pedroia to understand the limitations of his body.

Francona is worried though that Pedroia will try to push himself too much:

"What I’m kind of worried about is that he’s going to try and do too much," Francona said. "The doctors are actually relying on him a little bit, which scares everybody.

"If it’s sore, he’s got to back off. Getting an honest answer out of him is tough. He’s in there now getting fitted for a shoe that’s got some padding on it. All the qualities that we love in him, we don’t want him to hurt himself."