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Ronnie Brewer Chooses Bulls Over Celtics

On Friday, free agent Ronnie Brewer signed with the Bulls, reportedly agreeing to a three-year, $12.5 million deal. This is relevant because the former Grizzlie and Jazz says he picked Chicago as his new employer instead of the Celtics. 

Brewer told Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears that he opted for the Bulls because they give him a chance to start (all via Spears' Twitter): 

"I got an opportunity to start (in Chi). Both (Chi and Bos) are storied programs. It came down to where I could excel more," Brewer told Y!.

Brewer says Celtics offered similar $, but starting & re-joining Utah teammates Boozer, Korver were main draw. Utah never made strong run. 

Ronnie Brewer said sign and trade with Memphis would have been needed to go to Celtics. Such a deal might have included Tony Allen.