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Bill Lee On George Steinbrenner's Death: 'Good.'

Bill Lee spent the first 10 years of his career with the Red Sox, pitching against the Yankees on 38 occasions (he amassed a 12-5 record in 21 starts). Apparently that was enough time to develop a rather strong opinion regarding the late owner, George Steinbrenner. 

As far as Steinbrenner's passing? Good," Lee said in an interview with New Hampshire TV station WMUR. Added Lee: "Trust me, if hell freezes over, he'll be skating."

"Spaceman" Lee claimed that Steinbrenner tried to get him banned from baseball: "He said I was an incompetent and I was bad for the game of baseball. Well, I'm not a convicted felon like George Steinbrenner, and he'll take that to his grave." In the video (you can watch the brief interview here), Lee is smiling and laughing throughout (note: not in a maniacal way), especially when he recounted the hallucinations he had of The Boss. 

"I used to have nightmares of him. I was hallucinating one time and I thought he came into my hotel room window, and I realized I didn't have any windows. And I was on like the 38th floor. [Announcer] Dick Stockton was with me. He'll vouch for it."