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Lawrence Frank: 'I'm Really Excited About This Opportunity'

Tom Thibodeau's seat was not empty for very long. Thursday night, Danny Ainge confirmed that the Celtics have come to terms with Lawrence Frank to become their new assistant coach, this according to the Boston Herald. Frank will be taking the place of Thibodeau, who became the head coach of the Bulls.

The Star Ledger is reporting that it is a one-year agreement (which matches the amount of time left on Doc Rivers' contract).

"I think it’s a good situation for me – I wanted to get back and coach, and I didn’t want to sit and wait, and you can’t ask for a better situation or a better organization," Frank said.

Frank added: "And it's a great opportunity to work wth Doc - I've always had the highest respect for him, and I'm flattered he contacted me when Tom left. I'm really excited about this opportunity."