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Rasheed Wallace's Agent Won't Confirm Or Deny Retirement

Rasheed Wallace is quickly entering Brett Favre territory. For weeks now, reports have gone back and forth regarding Wallace's retirement, which has gone from a sure thing to him apparently thinking about one more season with the Celtics. 

Team GM Danny Ainge has even been quoted as saying, "Rasheed has decided that he's retiring. He's going to retire."

But on Thursday, his agent, and new Celtic Jermaine O'Neal, continued to leave the door open ever so slightly. 

Wallace's agent Bill Strickland, however, was noncommittal when reached by phone this morning.

"I won't confirm or deny that that's the case," Strickland said.

Yesterday, as he was being introduced, new Celtics big man Jermaine O'Neal said he sent Wallace a text message asking the 15-year veteran to return for one more run. 

The text message was left unanswered.