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Wednesday's Definitive Guide For Television Viewing Happiness

Tonight's recommendations on how best to maximize your moving picture viewing (all times Eastern, obviously).


2010 ESPY Awards: ESPN, 9 P.M. -- Seth Meyers. I'm putting this here, but I'm not really suggesting it, ya know?


Triple-A All-Star Game: MLB Network, 7 P.M. -- The best Minor Leaguers from the Pacific Coast League All-Stars face off against the International League, live from Lehigh Valley, Pa. Boston has one player in the game, Bubba Bell, an outfielder with Pawtucket.


Non-Sports, "Psych," USA, 10 P.M. -- Season five premiere. Yeah, it's kind of goofy, but it's good for a few laughs and really is better than the summer replacement status is currently holds.