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Red Sox Reportedly Looking At Royals OF David DeJesus

With Mike Cameron and Jacoby Ellsbury both seeing lengthy stints on the disabled list in 2010 -- with the latter still there, with no real sign of return any time soon -- it would make sense for the Red Sox to pursue another outfielder before the MLB trade deadline, and apparently that is just what they're doing.

According to Fox Sports, Boston has had discussions about the Royals' David DeJesus (beginning on July 4), with thinking that it could lead to a trade. Per the report, Kansas City has been busy scouting the Red Sox' minor-league system.

A rival executive said recently that the Royals wanted "to hit a home run" if they traded DeJesus, who is earning $4.7 million this season and can be retained on a $6 million club option in 2011. [...]

DeJesus’ .326 batting average ranks seventh in the American League. His .395 on-base percentage ranks eighth. His .855 OPS, if he sustained it all season, would be a career-high.

The addition of DeJesus could serve as more than outfield insurance in 2010, however. It could mean the end of Ellsbury in Boston.

The 30 year-old former fourth round draft pick has played in 85 of the Royals’ 88 game this season and has seen time at all three outfield positions. DeJesus’ .326 batting average and .395 on-base percentage rank seventh in the American League and his 107 hits is tied with the Red Sox‘s leading hitter, Adrian Beltre, for sixth in the A.L. If he continues at his current pace at the plate in 2010, David will set career-highs in nearly every major offensive statistic including BA, OBP, SLG [.460], OPS [.855] and OPS+ [133] -- all while playing in a lineup that offers less-than comparable protection when side-by-side with Boston’s.

Even if Ellsbury and Cameron are both healthy and back in the lineup by the end of August as most reports suggest -- and Drew can continue to stave off the injury bug -- would production like DeJesus’ not represent an upgrade at least somewhere out there? Perhaps shifting Ellsbury back to centerfield and placing DeJesus in left for the remainder of 2010 would be the most ideal scenario. You wouldn’t lose too much at either position defensively and DeJesus’ ability to get one base and put the ball in play would certainly be a welcomed change from Cameron’s heavy strikeout totals.

Over The Monster goes on to say that "A player like Ellsbury is the type of trade bait that can land the ideal impact player that the Red Sox would desire when attempting to replace the likes of either Victor Martinez or Adrian Beltre."

Should make for an interesting few weeks.

2010 - David DeJesus 85 328 45 107 23 3 5 36 34 43 3 3 .326 .395 .460