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J.D. Drew Named Fifth Most Overrated MLB Player

Our Red Sox blog, Over The Monster, points us in the direction of Sports Illustrated's recent poll in which they ask 187 MLB players who's the most overrated in the game right now.

The Yankees placed three on the list, including the Most Overrated, Joba Chamberlain, who garnered 12% of the voting. Alex Rodriguez and Gary "I live off that one catch I made while I was with the Rangers" Matthews tied for second with 5%, Nick Swisher was fourth (4%) and the Red Sox' J.D. Drew was fifth (3%).

Overrated by whom? Outside of Rodriguez, none of the top five vote-getters have more than one All-Star appearance.... They Hate New York: Seven of the 16 with at least three votes have played this season for one of the two Big Apple teams.... Maybe the voters knew something: On June 15 the Mets released Matthews. Nine days later Cincinnati signed the 35-year-old but shipped him to Triple A Louisville.

OTM points out that Drew, and yes, even Swisher and A-Rod, are really not overrated, at all. And the comments over there would agree.