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Angels Fans Do Not Like The Red Sox, But Hate The Yankees More

Angels fans, like most fans of baseball teams, are passionate. They love their team and show it. And just like those other baseball teams, they show it when they hate a team, too.

During pre-game introductions, Angels fans let the Red Sox know exactly how they felt about them.

Clay Buchholz was introduced first and that's when the boos started to rain down. Buchholz did not acknowledge the booing; he just tipped his hat. Then Dustin Pedroia was introduced and the boos started back up. That's when Buchholz smiled and made a comment to Pedroia, who didn't acknowledge the crowd either.

But when Adrian Beltre was introduced, that's when the Sox started to really take in the chorus of negativity. By the time Jon Lester, David Ortiz and Victor Martinez were introduced, the Red Sox players were smiling and laughing at the lack of West Coast love.

Then the Yankees were introduced. That's when the boos were most likely vibrating the stadium.*

I guess the Yankees are better at everything.

*NOTE: Angels fans did not boo Rangers, Mariners or Athletics, despite those teams playing in the same division. Maybe someone should point out how the divisions are aligned in 2010.