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Nate Robinson And Celtics Reportedly Close To Deal

Nate Robinson is reportedly close to re-signing with the Boston Celtics.

Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald has the details:

Aaron Goodwin, the agent for Nate Robinson, said yesterday the two sides could reach a deal by the end of the week.

"Things are going well," Goodwin said. "We're just trying to get something worked out. But both parties are talking."

Unlike they had with Allen, the C's don't hold the so-called "Larry Bird rights" to Robinson, and as a result, can't go over the salary cap to give their backup point guard more money.

Robinson filled the hole at backup point guard that had plagued the Celtics for years, providing instant offense off the bench. The troubled Knicks guard was acquired in a mid-season deal for Eddie House, Bill Walker and J.R. Giddens.

Since the Celtics do not hold Nate Robinson’s Larry Bird rights, the Celtics cannot offer Robinson more than 120% of his salary from last year.