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Some Red Sox Reaction After George Steinbrenner's Passing

Following the passing of legendary Yankees owner George Steinbrenner on Tuesday morning, reactions, remembrances and tributes began pouring in. Most have been collected at SB Nation New York, and our Yankees blog, Pinstripe Alley, has offered their own collective retrospective.

Additionally, our Red Sox blog, Over The Monster, shared their thoughts on the longtime rival:

It doesn't matter what your feelings are about him -- whether you're a Yankees fan, a Red Sox fan, or a Pirates fan -- Steinbrenner, 80, has been a major player in professional baseball since the early 1970s. He has been baseball's most well-known owner for almost that entire time as well.

As Red Sox fans, we may not have liked him because he was known to spend anything to get whatever he wanted, but no one ever said he wasn't good at his job.

This afternoon, Red Sox principal owner John Henry (a former minority owner of the Yankees) made public his thoughts on The Boss' passing:

"I had the good fortune to call George Steinbrenner both partner and friend. I had the privilege to watch George as he built a system that ensured his beloved Yankees would have a strong foundation for sustained excellence. And then we fiercely competed in the American League.

"George Steinbrenner forever changed baseball and hopefully some day we will see him honored in baseball's Hall of Fame as one of the great figures in the history of sports."