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Over The Monster: What Does Derby Win Mean For David Ortiz?

David Ortiz hit eight dingers in the first round, 13 tater tots in the second round and then 11 smashes in the final frame to win the 2010 Home Run Derby (a fact likely lost on Joe Morgan, who is surely still talking about Ortiz's shoes). And while Ortiz seemed genuinely thrilled when he received his trophy, ultimately, it's a rather meaningless exhibition, an accomplishment that will likely be forgotten by the time he retires. So what does the win mean for Ortiz?

Ortiz winning the Derby may or may not have any impact on the rest of the season. A lot of Derby champions go out in the second half and seem to struggle. Although this doesn't mean Ortiz will definitely fall off the map, he could.

Or he could go out and build on this.

Ortiz told everyone tonight that watched that he can still play baseball. He's still a slugger. He can still hit home runs and he can still be a valuable asset to the Boston Red Sox. He's not washed up; he's still one of the best designated hitters in the American League.

At this very moment, David Ortiz is smiling. He isn't smiling because he won the Home Run Derby, though. He's smiling because he's still got it -- and now everyone knows that now. Not just him.