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2010 Home Run Derby: David Ortiz Guarantees 2nd Round Appearance With Eight Homers

Don't question David Ortiz because he can still hit a home run or two.

Or eight.

Ortiz guaranteed himself a spot in the second round after hitting eight home runs in the first round of the 2010 Home Run Derby. All eight home runs were pulled to right field. His longest home run checked in at 440 feet.

Rays' closer Rafeal Soriano made an appearance when he walked out to give Ortiz a towel and a Gatorade with two outs remaining. Ortiz put on a little show while he cooled off, but failed to hit any more home runs.

Joe Morgan also really, really likes Ortiz's red and black shoes. He made that known a handful of times while Ortiz was at the plate.

Milwaukee's Corey Hart currently leads the field with 13 home runs.