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Josh Beckett Throws Strong Rehab Start In Pawtucket

Josh Beckett pitched four innings in his first rehab start in Pawtucket. Striking out four, Beckett allowed only a single and a solo homer in the outing.

After the game, catcher Mark Wagner had a lot to say about Beckett’s start:

“I saw no problems today. He felt good. I asked him after every inning and didn’t hear any qualms.”

Wagner blamed himself for Botts’ home run.

“I think that was on me,” Wagner said. “I probably called for the wrong pitch. It was a cutter so I may have read the swing wrong. But he stuck with me and he still pitched very well.”

“We pretty much touched everything we needed that we could see up in the big leagues,” Wagner said. “His stuff was getting better as we went on.

“When we were getting ready to take him out, I thought his stuff was getting sharper and crisper. That’s what was really impressive.”

Beckett threw 42 strikes in 68 pitches, utilizing his full arsenal, and will pitch one more rehab start before returning to the Red Sox later in the month.