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Boston Fan Confidence Polls: Seguin Has Bruins Fans Feeling Good

SB Nation Boston has been running Fan Confidence Polls for the local teams -- Bruins, Celtics, Eagles, Huskies, Patriots and Red Sox -- a snapshot of how good fans are feelings about a team that week. Every Thursday, we tally up the responses and put up the results on the main regional page. So how are the teams faring? Let's take a look:

Team July 1
Bruins 71
Celtics 44
Eagles 46
Huskies 49
Patriots 70
Red Sox 62


Jun. 10 Winner: Patriots

  • The Bruins come in at No. 1 with an impressive score of 71. They may have had a heartbreaking end to their postseason, but the offseason has started very strong, with the trade for Nathan Horton and, most recently, the drafting of Tyler Seguin with the second overall pick in the 2010 NHL Draft.
  • The Patriots are close behind with a score of 70. The fans don't seem to mind the contract problems with Logan Mankins, focusing instead on an improving, young defense, bolstered by a solid draft.
  • After a strong showing last week, the Red Sox have dipped down to 62, thanks to the sudden rash of injuries taking down Dustin Pedroia and Victor Martinez. A strong week against the Orioles and Rays could bring that number right back up--especially if they catch the Yankees.
  • The long offseason drags on for the Huskies and Eagles, with scores of 49 and 46, respectively. Things are holding steady without much news either way.
  • The Celtics unsurprisingly bring up the rear with a 44. The season ended with a heartbreaking Game 7 loss to the Lakers in the NBA Finals, and with Paul Pierce and Ray Allen both in free agency, the Celtics are at a cross road: to rebuild, or to try one last time with the current guys. With Doc on the way back, those hoping to hold on for another shot will likely pick up the voting, but big contracts to the veteran players could ruffle some feathers in the rebuilding camp.

Keep voting, Boston fans, and check back next week to see the latest results.