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5,000 Khloe Kardashian Masks To Be Passed Out Before Game 3

The folks at Tauntr are at it again.

The people behind the sports taunting website are making an impact at Game 3 tonight: Five thousand Khloe Kardashian masks will be handed out before the game to hopefully rattle the Lakers' Lamar Odom.

One word: scary.

Kardashian, of course, is dating Lakers forward LaMar Odom, who expressed concern for her safety around Boston fans in an interview last week. Rather than face the music and attend Game 3 to support her husband, "the ugly sister" will be in New York to make an appearance on Letterman tonight.

Fear not, though, because Kardashian and her fat face will be there in spirit. Bring in your mask and wave it every time Odom touches the ball, ensuring that his poor Finals performance continues.

If this doesn't sound scary, then let's make it real:


Scared now? That's what I thought.