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VIDEO: The Art Of Watching Ray Allen Get Open

After his success in Game 2 -- an NBA Finals record eight three-pointers -- you may have found yourself muttering aloud, "How does Ray Allen get open?"

I mean, he's one of the game's best shooters, and if we know that, then obviously the opposing team knows that. So, again: how is he able to get so many looks? Fortunately, not only does True Hoop's Kevin Arnovitz provides the answer, but he even offers some truly great video evidence.

Watching Allen work to find space for his quick trigger is one of the more artful things you'll see on a basketball court. Few shooters exert more effort to get open looks -- even though the mechanics of Allen's shot appear effortless. And few know how to better use the collective assets of their teammates to help earn those opportunities. It's the gift of awareness.