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Over The Monster: Anthony Ranaudo 'Is A Risk'; Bryce Brentz Brings A Power Bat

After an ineffective 2010 season, SB Nation's Over the Monster sees Red Sox draft pick Anthony Ranaudo (39th, LSU) as a high-risk, high-reward kind of player:

Ranaudo is a risk, and one that scares me. Robbed by injury of his effectiveness and--most frighteningly for me--his command last year, if Ranaudo does not return to form, then he is a waste of a pick. On the other hand, if he does return to form, he'll have #1 potential. Having Scott Boras as an agent is never a good thing, but it seems unlikely that the Red Sox would whiff on a supplemental 1st round pick.

I'm just glad they waited until they had a couple more solid picks in the bag.

While Ranaudo brings risk, Bryce Brentz -- the 36th pick overall -- brings something not so risky: power. And a lot of it:

The Red Sox lack big power bats in the outfield, and Brentz is definitely one. I think it might have been the defense that sold this pick, in a way, since finding the big bats that also can play the field better than, say, Manny or Bay is often a difficulty. Seiler suggests that he needs to improve his plate discipline, though, and that's always a big flag, especially in this system.

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