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MLB Bonus Baby: Breaking Down Red Sox Draft Picks Bryce Brentz, Anthony Ranaudo

SB Nation's fantastic MLB Draft blog, MLB Bonus Baby, breaks down the Red Sox's No. 36 overall pick, outfielder Bryce Brentz out of Middle Tennessee State:

Brentz isn’t the most toolsy player in the college game, but he can flat-out hit. His hit tool rates anywhere from above-average to plus depending on who you’re talking to, with the backers saying that his bat speed is freakishly good, but the detractors saying he can’t hit a decent curveball. His power isn’t questioned, and it’s a plus tool. His other plus tool is an arm that was responsible for getting him drafted off the mound in high school. He’s tried out center field in college this year, but he’s a possible above-average right fielder at the next level, depending on if he can improve his routes.

MLB Bonus Baby also takes a look at Anthony Ranaudo, the LSU pitcher the Red Sox drafted at 39th overall:

When healthy, he features a plus 91-94 mph fastball with excellent movement and downward plane, and he adds in a plus to plus-plus curveball and an above-average changeup. His command took an exceptional leap forward a year ago, and was considered plus coming into the year.