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Over The Monster: Kolbrin Vitek Could 'Prove To Be A Star'

SB Nation's Over the Monster says recently drafted Kolbrin Vitek could "prove to be a star" as he progresses in the Red Sox's minor league system:

While Vitek is not one of the guys I'd had my eye on earlier (honestly, I thought he'd be gone by now), he's very much the type of player who could prove to be a star. Big offensive tools from two low-offense positions. Vitek makes a lot of contact, but isn't afraid to take a walk. He's got the speed to steal a base when necessary even if he isn't the next Jacoby Ellsbury, and the possibility to emerge even further as a top player. Well worth a first round pick.

MLB Bonus Baby also has a writeup on Vitek, saying he is an "absolute offensive threat":

He has the tools to be an impact player at second base and center field, and it’s only a matter of decision-making as to where he ends up. At the plate, he’s easily an above-average hitter with above-average raw power, and when you add in his plus speed, he’s an absolute offensive threat.