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VIDEO: Doc Rivers' Running Timeout Saves Celtics From Eight-Second Violation

(New to SB Nation Boston? See what it's all about here.)

When the Celtics are in danger of getting whistled for an eight-second count, it helps to have a former athlete as a head coach:

With 1:26 left in the game and the C's two seconds away from a half-court violation, Doc Rivers ran onto the court to get the officiating crew's attention for a timeout.

The coach's move triggered a breakout of laughter on his own bench.

"He claims that he's in shape, and when he ran out there we told him he wasn't in shape," Allen said. "You guys have got to give him a hard time about that. But he made it out there, so it definitely got us an extra possession."

I'm pretty sure that my favorite part of the 2010 NBA Playoffs will forever be Brian Scalabrine, dressed in a suit, congratulating Rivers out near half-court for the coach's running timeout, regardless of whether or not the Celtics win the Finals.

(Video via Red's Army)