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Maybe It Is A Style Thing For TJ Simers Of The Los Angeles Times?

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(New to SB Nation Boston? See what it's all about here.)

After watching the Celtics win Sunday night, I was was very curious to see what T.J. Simers would write about in his column today. After Game 1, his column focused on how the series opener was not very interesting. There was just not enough excitement for him, saying the Celtics played in slow motion.

So how would Simers react today after Boston's win? Would he say we have a series now? Maybe the games will be more interesting? Obviously, the answer to both those questions is "no."  

In his column, "The Celtics fans are delusional," he hints that maybe the referees had something to do with the Celtics' victory.   

I know this, it didn't look to me as if the referees were in any hurry to call it a season any time soon.

Now it looks like Game 6 or 7 before it's settled, huge TV ratings, and don't know how the NBA made the Celtics appear younger, quicker and better in a matter of just days, but kudos.

Simers watches all the Lakers games; He might not have seen many Celtics games this season. And maybe that's what this is all about.

Maybe it is just a style thing for Simers. He sees the showtime-offensive explosion of the Lakers every night. Meanwhile, the Celtics are built on defense. The Lakers are built around a superstar. The Celtics win and play together as a team.

You can break it down to offense vs. defense. The offense is more flashy, but defense can win championships. So maybe it's just that Simers has a problem with the style of basketball the Celtics play.

Well, we have a series now, and only time will tell which style wins. Will it be about offense and a superstar, or about defense and team play?