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Welcome To SB Nation Boston

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If you're reading this, then you already know -- SB Nation now has a Boston regional site.

Good morning, and welcome to SB Nation Boston, one of six new regional websites launching Monday morning, and part of an even bigger, 20-site push being made by the organization. The 14 additional sites, ranging from Tampa Bay to the Bay area in California, are on their way, and will unleashed over the next 20 days. They'll look like this one, but each will have their own character and personality unique to their region. (You can see what CEO Jim Bankoff has to say about this exciting initiative over at SB Nation, and read more about it here, here and here.)

Now that you have a brief introduction to the big picture, let's get to know this Boston site a little better.

What is this place?

This is a regional site devoted to Boston sports. Much like, the focus will be presenting news and analysis in a timely fashion, utilizing out innovative StoryStreams, "which dynamically brings news to life in real time." Sorry, too many buzzwords there; think of a StoryStream as one sports story, living and evolving in one place, with updates and reaction posted under the same headline and address.

Additionally, there is The Hub, a blog that will offer quick takes and reactions on Boston sports throughout the day, feature pieces from different contributors and even the Boston Starting Lineup, designed to give you a quick look at the day's important news and opinion from around the web.

What are you giving me?

  • StoryStreams -- one sports story, all in place
  • The Hub -- quick hits, reactions, Boston sports tidbits, generally anything we find interesting that we think should be shared with you
  • Boston Starting Lineup -- every morning, we'll give you our five favorite articles, columns, posts, tweets or even videos, so you don't have to go searching for them
  • Features --our commentary, reaction and opinion, in a longer form. Often these will be built out around big events, and you'll see them appearing throughout the week

Who are you?

We're a collection of bloggers and writers, all with a passion for Boston sports.

And I'm Ryan Hudson, the editor here. I'm a military brat who grew up following the Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics from Nebraska, Germany and even Alaska. Since graduating from James Madison University, I've worked as an ESPN Tape Librarian, been an official scorer for NCAA Baseball during my time as a Sports Information Assistant at The George Washington University, helped co-create and most recently, I've made my living as an Editor at SB Nation.

So all this is great, but how is this different from what you guys already do on the individual team sites?

Good question. SB Nation Boston will compliment and hopefully enhance the team blogs, working together to bring you the best news and commentary on the web. SB Nation Boston will act as more of a general site, publishing Boston sports news as it happens, while our team blogs will delve deeper, providing more analysis and in-depth reaction. As the driving force behind SB Nation, we will continue to work to complement the team blogs as much as possible.

What If I have some great input, or want to tell you that you're a stupidhead?

Drop us a note:

This all looks great! Now what should I do?

Join the community here, and posts comments, interact with fellow Boston fans -- after all, this site is for you, the fan.

And then, to help us celebrate, join us as SB Nation is hosting a meet-up in Boston. It's Tuesday night (tomorrow), starting at 5 P.M. at Beer Works. Get more information and RSVP here.