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Mike Cameron In Sunday's Lineup After Five-Game Absence

Sunday has brought with it a sight disappointingly unseen much in 2010 -- Mike Cameron playing center field.

Cameron, the outfielder who has played in just 16 games so far this season, made his return to the Red Sox lineup on Sunday in Baltimore after missing the past five games with soreness on the left side of his abdomen. He got the start in center, with Darnell McDonald in left field. Cameron is hopeful that this will mark the end of his lingering injury.

"Today is another steppingstone, hopefully going in the good direction. I've just got to go out and man up and see what it's all about," Cameron said before Sunday's game.

"I feel like I'm crossing a bridge, but obviously there are some things that I'm still trying to get over. The body is trying to heal from the mentality that I have of wanting to push it to play."

However, it's not just Cameron's injury healing that is a reason to celebrate his return to the lineup today. Along with McDonald and Bill Hall, the Red Sox outfield was comprised of three African-American players for the first time in over nine years (April 20, 2001: Troy O'Leary, Carl Everett and Darren Lewis), an observation not lost on Cameron:

"It's going to be kind of cool," said Cameron. "I get a chance one more time to run out here and see if I can play some baseball."

Prior to the game, Cameron expressed confidence, and said that he would add "sexiness and color."