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Doc Rivers On Thibodeau And Chicago Report: 'I Hope It's True'

Since it is against NBA rules to announce any official coaching moves before the Finals conclude, the report that Tom Thibodeu has agreed to become the newest head coach of the Chicago Bulls is, for now, still just a report. Which is obviously pretty silly, considering things like this happen:

Tom Thibodeau leaves Celtics practice and accepts congratulations from an NBA official for taking Bulls job #celticsless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Until the Finals are over, no one is allowed to confirm any details, but that didn't stop Doc Rivers from letting his feelings known on Thibodeau's new job on Saturday.

"I hope it's true," Rivers said. "But we're not going to comment on it, I can tell you that. We're focused on the NBA finals. It's the Lakers and the Celtics and that's what we're going to keep the focus on. But on Tom, he deserves the job. I think he's the best candidate out there. Let's hope it's true, but we're going to leave it at that."

Rivers did say that Thibodeau's future won't have an impact on whether he returns next season to the Celtics.

"No, Thibs and I are very close, but that won't have an impact," Rivers said. "I want all of my coaches to get jobs. Kevin Eastman and Armond [Hill], those guys are gems. But that won't have an impact. Honestly, I haven't thought enough about it."

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