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Adrian Beltre: Destroyer Of Red Sox Left Fielders

Adrian Beltre has built up a very good reputation for himself as a member of the Boston Red Sox.

Except when it comes to playing with left fielders.

Back in April, a fly ball in foul territory off the third base side had Beltre running back to try and snag the ball. Coming at him at full speed and sliding was Jacoby Ellsbury. The two collided and sent Jacoby Ellsbury out of the game and onto the disabled list, where he has essentially been since. (Ellsbury came back for a few games before going back on the disabled list.)

And it all happened again on Friday.

In the bottom of the third, the Orioles' Nick Markakis hit a pop fly into shallow left field. Beltre, being the defensive whiz that he is, ranged all the way out to try and make a play. At the same time, Red Sox left fielder Jeremy Hermida came charging in. Hermida went sliding down, colliding with Beltre, who -- of course -- held on to the ball for the inning's final out as he came tumbling to the ground.

Beltre got up hobbling while Hermida looked fine. However, after Hermida struck out swinging for the first out in the fifth, he left the game with a "left forearm contusion" from the collision. Naturally, Beltre stayed in the entire game and hit a home run immedietely before Hermida's strikeout.

Terry Francona must love Beltre's ability to roam all around the left side of the ballpark. He must hate Beltre's ability to cripple outfielders.