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Lakers Blog: Who's Soft Now?

After Game 1, Silver Screen and Roll, SB Nation's Lakers blog, probably has every right to ask that question.

For two years now the Lakers have had to hear and read endlessly about how they were pounded and bullied in 2008. About how Kobe was strangled by a vicious Celtics defense and how Gasol shrunk in the face of Boston's rugged inside play. This evening, those two rose up to announce that this Finals series would be different. Kobe scored 30 points, in the process drawing enough fouls on Ray Allen to make the Celtics gunner a nonfactor. Pau enforced near-complete ownership of the paint, scoring 23 points, collecting 14 boards and swatting away three shots. His eight offensive rebounds matched the total pulled in Boston's entire team. Next to Pau's agile and aggressive play, Kevin Garnett looked straight-up old.