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How Much Revenue Did Your Favorite College Basketball Team Bring In?

Based on figures released to the Department of Education, we get a glimpse into how much money each of the local area men's college basketball programs made in 2009-2010. While not an exact science, especially given some creative athletic department accounting, it does give you an idea of the pecking order of our local college basketball programs.

As you would expect, the ACC's Boston College led the way in Boston, bringing in over $5.6 million dollars in revenue last season. Boston University brought in $1.8 million, good for second, followed by Northeastern's $1.6 million and Harvard's $855,010 in revenue.

The state of Massachusetts' other two programs - UMass and Holy Cross - brought in revenues totaling $2.7 and $1.5 million, respectively.

While BC leads the way in Massachusetts, they aren't the men's college basketball cash cow of New England. That distinction goes to basketball powerhouse UConn, who brought in over $8 million last year. The Big East's Providence Friars also out gained the Eagles, bringing in a bit over $6 million in revenue.

You can view the entire list of Division I college basketball programs over at