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I Laugh At Your 50 Touchdowns In A Season! Ha!

Apparently throwing 50 touchdown passes in a season just isn't cool anymore. Someone call Tom Brady and tell him that.

The crew at Cold, Hard Football Facts recently ranked the twelve-best quarterbacking seasons in NFL history. Tom Brady's record-breaking 2007 season falls right where it should: eighth.

Wait. EIGHTH?!

Despite throwing 50 touchdowns and giving up just eight interceptions, Brady's season is No. 8 on the list:

The 2007 Patriots built their unblemished record upon a truly stunning performance by Brady and battery mate Randy Moss (record 23 TD catches), who carried New England to the greatest scoring output in NFL history (589 points). It was a statistical breakout season for a quarterback who had already won three Super Bowls paired with journeymen wideouts.
Brady threw a record 50 TD passes, his 117.2 passer rating is second only to Manning’s 121.1 of 2004 and his 4,806 passing yards are the fourth most in history. He also led the league in completion percentage in 2007.


Then came the curse of the TD record setters: like Tittle, Marino and Manning before him, Brady couldn’t cash in with a title. Brady fizzled with three picks in the AFC title game, though the Patriots still managed to muscle through a 21-12 victory over the Chargers.
He and the Patriots played their worst game of the year in a shocking 17-14 loss to the Giants in Super Bowl XLII. Brady was ineffective: 29 of 48, 266 yards, 1 TD and 0 INT as history slipped from his grasp. The New England organization has not recovered from the defeat and it marred what could have gone down as both the greatest individual passing season and the greatest team season in the history of football.

So, hey, Tom: work harder next time. OK, buddy? Fifty is great and all, but you got to get that ring, too. Patriots fans are a little spoiled in that aspect, but if you want to crack the top five, you're going to have to bring home some more important hardware than just a League MVP Award.

Gosh, anyone can win those things.

(H/T RapSheet)