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Report: Celtics' Paul Pierce Will Opt Out Of His Contract

Marc Stein and Chris Sheridan of are reporting that Celtics guard Paul Pierce has decided to opt out of his contract. Stein had it first on Twitter.

Just filed to Celtics' Paul Pierce is opting out, too. Has notified Celts he'll become unrestricted free agent. Link forthcomingless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Stein's report was followed shortly thereafter by a similar one from Sheridan.

Paul Pierce is opting out of his contract, his agent says. Story by myself and Marc Stein upcoming on than a minute ago via web

The decision wasn't entirely unexpected but it has drawn a few questions from Greg Payne at CelticsBlog.

It remains unclear what Pierce's intentions are at this point. Is he opting out in order to work out a new extension? Or is he opting out in order to legitimately test the free agent waters?    

Head over to SB Nation's CelticsBlog where the discussion is already going strong.