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Clay Buccholz Is A 'Dumbass,' Will Not Go To DL

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Clay Buchholz, one of the three Red Sox's stars who was injured during the team's three-game series in San Francisco, received some good news late Monday night after undergoing an MRI. The pitcher was diagnosed with a left hamstring strain, will not be placed on the disabled list and likely will not have to miss a start

"[Monday] morning I woke up, and the soreness that I felt [Sunday] was almost completely gone," said Buchholz. "I went to the doctor [Monday], and they reassured me it was nothing structural, as far as the damage. It might be a little sore for a couple of days, but I'll try to rehab it for the next four or five days, and hopefully get back in there for my next start."

Buchholz was also diagnosed as being a "dumbass" by Terry Francona.

"He's a dumbass, too,'' Francona said with mock irritation. "He swung right through the take sign. Really, [pitchers] shouldn't be good hitters. It's amazing to me, actually, that they can do what they do. It really is.

Francona said that Buchholz was supposed to take a strike, but opted to swing away instead.

"We're giving [Buchholz] take, take, take, because he hasn't hit a ball hard in batting practice, and he hits one through the hole. Whatever. Just stay out of the way.''

It's almost as though AL pitchers aren't cut out for interleague play.