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The Rays Are Fighting Each Other

The Red Sox and Rays have been going in different directions lately. Both teams have problems to deal with as they enter into their series with each other Tuesday night at Fenway Park. While the Sox have injuries to Dustin Pedroia and Victor Martinez, at least they're not arguing with each other in the dugout. The same cannot be said about the Rays, who continue to slip in the standings.

The Red Sox started the season slow and look where they are now: 46-31, second in the AL East, and just two games out of first place. And look at what has happened to the Rays since the beginning of the season. From 17 wins in both April and May -- good for a 34-18 start -- to just a 10-13 mark in June; from six games up in the East to three games back.

As the Red Sox and the Rays head into their two-game series, both teams are having its share of problems, but at least the Sox aren't fighting amongst themselves.