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Dustin Pedroia Leaves Friday's Game With Foot Injury

Dustin Pedroia, the red-hot Red Sox second baseman who is batting .525 with four home runs and slugging .950 over the last two weeks, was forced to leave Friday nights 5-4 loss to the Giants after fouling a ball of his left foot in the third inning. Over The Monster is already calling it a "nightmare scenario."

One night after going deep three times to save the Red Sox, Pedroia fouled a ball hard off his left foot in the third inning. He stayed in to draw the walk, but looked awful walking to first and was pulled for Mike Cameron. Frighteningly, the X-Rays did not quickly come back negative, and the Sox have said the results were inconclusive, with more tests coming [on Saturday]. The Sox have no middle infield depth, much less anyone who can replace Pedroia. If he's in bad shape, so are the Sox.

The immediate good news is that Pedroia underwent x-rays Friday night, and they did not reveal a break. But the still lingering, possibly terrible news is that the results were still inconclusive, meaning that a fracture is not yet completely ruled out. He'll have more tests done on Saturday, at 1 P.M. ET. The second baseman was seen in the clubhouse on crutches, with a protective boot oh his left foot. Terry Francona said that "[Pedroia] is sore as hell."

"I'm sore,'' said Pedroia leaning on crutches, with the foot in a removable cast. "I'll get checked out [Saturday] and make sure we get to the bottom of everything. But I'm pretty disappointed. I never really hit a ball there before. But I'll be all right.''

Asked if he though the injury was serious, Pedroia said: "I don't know. We'll get all the tests done and have the doctors check it out and I'll find out everything [Saturday].''

Pedroia's plans Friday night were to "ice, elevate - and pray."