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2010 NHL Draft: For Bruins, It's Either Taylor Or Tyler

The Boston Bruins own seven picks in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, including three of the first 45, and, of course, the No. 2 overall selection. For weeks now, they've known that they will land either left winger Taylor Hall or center Tyler Seguin (whomever the Oilers do not take with the No. 1 selection). And really it seems that the Bruins cannot lose Friday night, with Hall and Seguin taking turns as the top prospect depending on who you talk to.

As good as Tyler Seguin has been throughout the testing and interviewing process - his first real act of rebellion was getting his S-E-G-U-I-N tattooed on his right arm - Hall is the more intoxicating of the two prospects. The natural right wing has been in the spotlight since he was 14, an target for scouts, coaches and onlookers who poured through his game tapes and highlight footage.

There hasn't exactly been a shortage of it -- highlight footage, that is -- and that's created a cult following for Hall as he dominated this year's Memorial Cup tournament. He appears physically ready to jump right into the NHL next season and perhaps threaten with 25 goals of offense.

The same can't be said, with certainty, of Seguin, who's still growing and has played one fewer year than Hall.

So it looks like Edmonton will take the highly-entertaining Taylor Hall as the first-round pick, and Tyler Seguin will be there for the Bruins taking at the coveted No. 2 spot.

Round one of the 2010 NHL Draft begins at 7 P.M. ET Friday night, and will be broadcast live on VERSUS in the United States and TSN and RDS in Canada. Rounds 2-7 will be shown on the NHL Network beginning Saturday at 1 P.M. ET.