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No Trade Imminent For Tim Thomas

Not only have trade talks with the San Jose Sharks, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Philadelphia Flyers gone nowhere fast, now it’s looking like Tim Thomas might now be traded at all, according to his agent:

"I am not proactively looking for places for Timmy to be traded,’’ Zito said yesterday, shortly after reported that Chiarelli had issued the get-out-of-Boston permission slip. "I haven’t talked to anyone to this point, and I don’t anticipate talking to anyone.’’

Zito acknowledged the rumors surrounding Thomas, but suggested that Thomas’ position on any possible trade was more a matter of being open to one than demanding one:

"Here’s what Timmy is saying,’’ said Zito, who also represents Rask. "He’s saying, ‘Look, if you want to move me, sure, I’ll look at it. I’m not going to be a jerk and just say I’m not going anywhere, forget it.’ But that’s all he’s saying.’’

Something could still get done, but it seems much less a priority and certainty than it did a few days ago.